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Nusa Penida can be said as one of the most beautiful islands in Bali. With its natural beauty which is still natural and rarely visited by tourists, then Nusa Penida presents you with various of unique natural nuances and you might never be able to find the same beauty like you are in Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is so big and the area was have not touched yet, so this place still has so many hidden natural wealth. This is also better to consider about Nusa Penida Island Tour if you willing to visit here.

Crystal Bay

This crescent-shaped beach is one of the popular beaches on Nusa Penida. It was covered with white sand and flanked by rocky hills. Crystal Bay is also a piece of space for Mola Mola when they were often found out sunbathing during August and September. Besides you enjoying the beautiful sunset, you are able to snorkel and diving with the beautiful sea floor. You do not have to worry if you do not bring any equipment to snorkel here because you are able to rent snorkeling gear in rental centers near with Crystal Bay Beach.

Broken Beach

The hole in one of the cliffs connects to the Broken Beach with the sea in front of it. Broken Beach or also known as Pasih Uug Beach is a hill with a large hole and formed a huge sized pool. In this beach, you are able to enjoy a spectacular blue sea atmosphere while you sitting on the edge of a cliff with a height around 50 to 200 meters. Along with clear sea water, if you are lucky then you are able to find manta fish and turtles swimming in the Broken Beach seabed.

Angel’s Billabong Beach

The artistic cliff shape makes it as if you are swimming in the volcanic mountain. One of the super intergenic spots in Nusa Penida is Angel’s Billabong. This place is the estuary stop of the river before the water heading to the sea. The uniqueness of Angel’s Billabong lies in the form of cliffs which seem artistic and corals in the bottom of the green pond because of moss. The cool and calm water here will make this beach as the perfect place to swim along. However, you have to be careful when swimming here when the sea water was high because the wave might be suddenly roll towards the pond from time to time.

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Banah Beach

This place is not much different from Kelingking Beach, there is one spot where you are able to enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the hill named Banah Beach. The main attraction here is the view around the hill which occurs in the middle of the sea and has a large hole in the bottom.

Kelingking Beach

You have to be careful if you walk down the hill on Kelingking Beach as there are still minimum facilities here. This beach was often called as the Karang Dawa Beach or Manta Point by local residents that offer you with stunning natural scenery. There are many tourists immortalize the natural beauty on this beach from the top of the hill, but you should be careful when going down this landscape because of the minimum facility here.

Temeling Natural Pool

Freshwater and the surround view of the cliffs which surround Temeling create a calm and peaceful feeling. Temeling natural pool hides under the cliff and surrounded by dense forest – this is a very beautiful spot actually. The atmosphere here is very calm and you are able to hear the chirping of birds and insects. You can use the Nusa Penida Island Tour package.

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