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Not only Kuta, now Bali Island has a beautiful destination which immediately becomes the first love of foreign tourists. This place is Nusa Penida Island as one of the islands in the southeast Bali which is separated from the Badung Strait. Beach and sea tourism here are worth to be visited just like you wondering destinations in Wakatobi and Raja Ampat. If you want to feel a different atmosphere in Bali especially related to tourism destinations, then Nusa Penida can be your best option. Of course, you can consider picking the best Nusa Penida Best Tour.

Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan or Ceningan Island is one of the small islands of three clusters Nusa Penida. Ceningan is a part of Lembongan Village, Nusa Penida District in Klungkung Regency. The water in Nusa Ceningan is so clear, so you are able to see the water base from the height. If you are challenging seekers, then you have to try jump off the cliff to the sea directly. This is the main attraction here, especially foreign tourists love this attraction.

Kelingking Beach

This beach is well-known among foreign tourists after its beauty just gone viral in social media. They often refer to this beach called T-Rex beach as the shape of the cliff which juts into the sea is look like resembling dinosaurs.

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To reach its location, then you have to go through a series of terrain which is pretty extreme as well. So it will need excellent physical endurance if you go down to the steep cliffs. Besides white sand and clear water here, then this beach also very popular with its underwater beauty. Therefore, snorkeling and diving should be the best activity that you cannot miss while visiting this beach.

Giri Putri Cabe

Giri Putri Cave is located in Sauna Village, Nusa Penida Island. There is a temple inside which often used by local residents to worship as well. This cave has 262 meters long as a home for bats as well. They alight on stalactites and cave stalagmites. The water-flowing inside the cave was believed by local residents as the holy water. There are four offering points in this location, one spot located at the front, while the other three spots located inside the cave.


It only takes around 20 minutes from Padangbai and can be reached by taking speed boat. The location is in Tokapeyeh Village, Nusa Penida. This place is one of the best diving spots in Nusa Penida, starting from the depth of  6 meters. You will see the collection of soft and hard corals here along with a group of beautiful fish ready to welcome divers here. there is a number of types of fish which you will meet here such as jackfish, banner fist, moray, and so on.

Seganing Spring

Seganing spring was located in the Sebuluh area, precisely in Cacah Village. You can reach its location from Tokapeyeh Port. After that, you will continue your trip by taking the land route before you can reach the spring location. You have to walk through the slippery and steep rocks around 30 minutes. All your effort will be paid off once you arrive in this location. You can enjoy the clear water between the cliffs directly to the sea. There are some niches resembling the ponds that you will find here.

Manta Point

As its name implied, the attraction of this place can be taste by diving or snorkeling with manta rays. You can meet the largest type of stingray in the world here. Manta Point is one of the beautiful diving spots in Kelingking Beach area. Unfortunately, the beauty of this point was getting polluted. You can go with Nusa Penida Best Tour.

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